Lawn Care Services in Hampton Roads

A lot of homeowners are always interested in their front and backyards. To make your house look attractive and appealing, it is important to Lenard Lawn Care of VA Beach. These professionals work to impress and make your yard look beautiful. They provide many services and below are the different services to expect from the best lawn care service providers.

Remove shrubs

A lot of time, bushes and shrubs grow in our homes. These shrubs make the yard look awful. But when you hire a reputable lawn company. You will be surprised at how clean and impressive your yard will look. They will trim the shrubs and even treat any underlying condition that may otherwise damage your yard.

Seed and soil treatments

These professionals will work to treat the soil in your yard. When planning to grow or plant items in the yard, it is important to call a Lenard lawncare. They will handle things like digging, aeration and mulching. This helps ensure that your yard is well-taken care off and everything is followed to the ladder.

Pest control

Another service these professionals provide is pest control. There are times when the yard is infested with harmful insects and pests, these can be dangerous to people who stay in close to the home. Solving this pest problem, they come equipped with pest control tools ready to eliminate any pests that infests in your yard.

Delightful Landscaping

In addition to the usual lawn care, numerous individuals prefer excellent and beautiful landscaping. This not only creates an amazing and attractive view of the yard, but it also draws in friends and relatives. To get this beautiful landscape, it becomes necessary to hire a lawncare professional. These professionals will be responsible for pruning, removing, growing and adding some crucial items to beautify the place. When this is done, your lawn will look beautiful and attractive.

Waste removal

Waste can manifest in our yards and make the whole place look dirty and smelly. Waste is a big embarrassment to our guests and friends. To avoid these, hire a Lenard lawncare company to remove this waste. They will clean the place by removing any waste or weed that manifests in our yard. They will as well disinfect the yard and make it environmentally friendly.

Proper irrigation systems

Another benefit you will reap from hiring this company is that they will help you install a good irrigation system. This will help you save a lot of cash on your electricity expenses. Among the top and the safe method, they will advise you to use is the Sprinkler method. This method has proven to be beneficial and economical in every lawn, depending on lawn size and type.


The best way to maintain and treat your yard is by applying fertilizer. Fertilizers are concentrated nutrients designed to help the grass grow and stay healthy. Sometimes, we fail to apply the right amount of fertilizer in our yards. This can harm our grass, but to prevent this from happening, contact a lawn service provider. They will advise you on the right amount and type of fertilizer to apply.

Balance P. H of the soil

When you want to grow a great lawn, you first have to determine the P.H of soil. Lenard lawncare company has crucial items that will help determine the P.H of the soil. so it becomes crucial to hire them. One of the basic needs of your lawn is to live in soil with the right balance of alkaline and acid. If soil is not balanced, these professionals can stabilize it by adding some important nutrients like; sulfur, lime, potassium, and micro-nutrients.

Right equipment

Lawn care companies work to take care of lawn mowing processes. This is something that is highly recommended for people who have huge lawns or special surfaces. They are equipped with modern tools and techniques to rebuild your lawn.


Dealing with your yard isn’t simple. It needs learning and ideas, a reputable lawn company. has experienced and skilled staff who are trained to handle any type of lawn work. They are trained, licensed and also equipped with the right tools. Don’t hesitate to contact us for lawn services