Many home improvement projects may actually decrease the value of your home. So which home improvement projects should you invest in? Whether you’re looking to build equity or preparing to sell your home, consider the tips below.

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Remodel the Kitchen.

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, so investing in updates to your kitchen will pay off. If you only renovate one room in your home, pick the kitchen. If you don’t want to break the bank, we recommend making simple changes focusing on colors and textures. Start with minor changes like painting cabinets or installing new hardware. Creating a new backsplash is a great, simple way to bring an older kitchen up to speed. If you have a larger budget to work with, consider installing updated appliances and fixtures. Currently, stainless steel appliances are on-trend. We recommend purchasing appliances that are energy-efficient. They’re not only better for the environment but will save you money in the long run. Remember not to go overboard. Your kitchen should never be fancier than the rest of the house or the neighborhood. When your kitchen is freshly updated, homebuyers tend to be willing to look past other outdated areas of the home. This is a project that is sure to pay off. Get rid of your old, outdated kitchen tiles and install a new backsplash. There are so many different color and design options. Start by finding a design you love then get to planning. Your brand new backsplash will liven up your kitchen. Check out more tips here.

Add an Additional Bathroom.

Is your home lacking in the bathroom department? Homes with limited bathrooms can have a hard time selling. Make your home market-ready by adding another bathroom. When looking for space to add to your extra bathroom, think about which areas of your home are underutilized. Whether it’s an unused closet or space under the stairs, you need at least 18 square feet for a half-bath and at least 30 square feet for a full bath. If you want to incorporate a bathtub, you’ll need at least 35 square feet. Spend some time brainstorming on a layout. You want to be certain of a design plan before you make any purchases. The cost of this project will vary depending on the types of accessories you want to use. Before you get started, consider consulting a professional.

Utilize Every Room.

While adding more square footage to a home is incredibly expensive, reinventing existing space is worth your while. If you’re like most people, you probably bought your home with every intention to finish the basement. Sound about right? Other great ways to utilize every inch of your home are to convert the attic to a bedroom or transform the garage into a small apartment. Before jumping to a decision and demolishing the walls and rafters, think as if you were a potential buyer. Could you make the space more versatile to appeal to potential buyers? Don’t let the scale of these projects overwhelm you. Start by creating a list of wants for each space, then form a to-do list.


Add a Deck.

Adding a deck definitely increases the value and appeal of your home. Outdoor living spaces are one of the most desirable features of a home to potential buyers. The price of this addition can widely vary. Do you want built-in seating? How about built-in flower pots or multiple staircases? The size of your deck and the materials you plan to use are other factors that contribute to the price. Before you get started, consider the amount of time you have to spare. Building a new deck is not a simple task, and hiring a contractor could be very useful. If your home already has a deck, make sure it is in tip-top shape before listing your home. You can find our deck maintenance tips here.

Incorporate Storage.

Many potential buyers are in the market for a bigger space with more storage. However, incorporating additional storage doesn’t mean adding more square footage. Make sure your closets and pantries are properly utilizing the space.

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